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TRACK NAME: Invitation
ALBUM TITLE: Another Language
ARTIST: This Will Destroy You

Invitation | This Will Destroy You



The Last Giant, The Pursuer
Dragonrider, Old Dragonslayer
Flexile Sentry, Executioner’s Chariot

The Executioner Chariot’s rider: “Heyyyyyy~!”


IT TASTES LIKE  THE COLOUR GREY, that’s so accurate, oh my god.


A series of drawings in (belated) celebration of the magic that was King Gavin parts I and II. All hail the new king motherfuckers. 

TRACK NAME: Unveiled
ARTIST: Devil Sold His Soul

Unveiled | Devil Sold His Soul

TRACK NAME: Avalanche
ARTIST: The Ghost Inside

Avalanche | The Ghost Inside


Avalanche//The Ghost Inside


Yu’s bedroom get’s lots of visitors…

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i really like you and want to be friends but i worry about whether you'd talk about yourself much at all because gosh i want to listen to you for hours but also i'd be okay with talking? i just don't know what about because i don't want to bore you but you seem polite enough that you wouldn't say i was being annoying.

Ahahahaha what in the fuck? Is this actually happening? Holy shit. Wow. You made my god damn day Anon.

You worry to damn much about what I think, I’m just a guy on the internet, a faceless guy among the masses.

Don’t worry about having nothing to talk about or boring me. I’m always interested to hear about views or just life in general from others. Conversations happen, just relax and let it flow.

But seriously. Don’t even worry about me thinking you’d might be annoying, cause we haven’t talked yet. I can’t form an opinion on someone until I get to know them! Also, polite I may be but I’m blunt as fuck too. It don’t matter if you don’t have much to say, cause I’ll fill that silence with idiotic shit. I’ll find something to talk about cause if you wanna talk to me then I’ll do my best to keep you entertained!

Give me the benefit of the doubt at least anon! If you wanna be friends then just talk to me. I’m not some famous asshat or someone who thinks they’re better than someone else. I’m an idiot on Tumblr who posts a lot of music. I’m friendly, I swear! 

If you wanna talk, my skype is mirdynashcroft, or we can do this through tumblr if you want. Don’t matter none to me. Just don’t be afraid. The fuck would I do anyways, scowl at my keyboard? Oh no, so scary. I’ll be here waitin’ if you wanna talk. Like I tell everyone who talks to me, if you ever need me I’m always here.

Wow. Still kinda blown away. Man I’m goin’ be real sad if you don’t turn out to be real.

Fill so your followers can get to know you
State your name:

State the name that your parents almost named you:
Which of your relatives do you get along with the most?
Cousins. Too much drama with the older generations of my family.
Did anything embarrassing happen this week?
I failed a $150 exam by a good bit.
Do people praise you for your looks?
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear?
Dark green and Black
Do you work out every week? 
Used to, now I have to study too much to have time
Do you like your smile?
Do you like your eyes?
Fuck no! My eyesight is shit!

Do you think you are attractive?
Nah, I’m not attractive but I’m not unattractive either. I’m forgettable. Uhhh, best way to put it is I’m a guy you’d walk by on the streets and forget about me right away.
How much money is in your account?
Enough to let me buy things for people whenever they ask
Are you single? 
By choice. Not that I could get someone to like me that way, but I’m not out there looking. I wanna be able to love someone with my entire being rather than love them because they remind me that I’m worth a damn
Do you want kids?
One day? I have a full time job but I haven’t saved up enough to raise a kid. There’s also the fact I have no significant other. Hand can only do so much man.
What does your backpack look like: 
Fucked up.
What celebrity do you think is attractive?
Uuuuhhhhhhh… Jun Hyo Seong
Last movie you saw in theaters: 
UHHHHHHH… fuck I think that was The Hobbit.